Bonsai Tree care

Any one who thinks that they can buy a Bonsai plant, put it somewhere in the house or outdoors, forget all about it save for a few times to water and fertilize it are definitely thinking about the wrong plant. Maybe you should consider an artificial one or an alternative to a Bonsai. And yes there are good alternatives out there.

However if like me it is a Bonsai plant that fascinate you then read on. I will let you know form the onset though Bonsai trees require more care than other plants.

In addition to the usual things that you would do for regular plants like watering and fertilizing, they require different maintenance care at different stages of their growth and during different seasons of the year.

I personally think caring for a Bonsai plant is what makes them so fascinating and therapeutic at the same time. You spend time doing various things some small, others more time consuming that sometimes so not even seem connected but all work together to give you this beautiful tree unlike any other in nature.

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