Bonsai Tree lights

Bonsai Tree lights

One common question when it comes to caring for a plant is how much light it needs. The most straight forward answer would be as much light as possible. Trees are by nature outdoors after all. When it comes to Bonsai plants, it can be confusing trying to figure out how much light your tree needs. As a general rule, I would start by what the tree asking what the tree species is, whether it is indoor or outdoor plant because the light considerations will be different depending on where the tree spends most of its time. For an outdoor tree, all this might mean is that you have to move the tree around until you figure out the best position for it while for an indoor tree it will definitely mean adding artificial lighting and also making sure the light is the correct distance from the tree.

Outdoor plants

For outdoor trees, although some trees with broad leaves like azaleas will do fine in a shade, however for optimum health most trees do best with as much sunlight at possible.

Indoor plants

Most indoor plants require some type of artificial light to supplement their requirements. These lights will need to be kept on for about 16 hours each day. Fluorescent or incandescent bulbs are used as a supplementary light source. It is worthwhile to note that incandescent light might be too hot for the plant therefore where possible I would definitely go with Fluorescent tubes.