Is It Possible To Place Bonsai In Aquarium

For someone who likes Bonsai trees and aquariums the next question might be how can I grow this beautiful tree in an aquarium? The problem off course is that these trees do not survive under water. In fact no trees would survive completely under water. There are some ingenious ways off course of achieving the look of an actual tree under water. With a little bit of time and lateral thinking it is possible to come up with stunning creations.

Some popular ways of achieving the bonsai look under water include using drift wood and adding some plants on the wood to act as leaves. Plants that can be used to achieve this look include moss (Christmas and flame moss) java fern. Anubia petite are also beautiful aquatic plants that will look great in any tank.

The down side with going this route is that you do not have an actual tree but I have seen some stunning videos and pictures online and these can be achieved by anyone with a little research about under water plants, time and patience

In fact now that I think about it you could probably use some artificial plant decorations if you wish. This off course might not be for everyone just depends on the style and look you are going for.

Having your plants underwater might mean spending less time caring for them. Although like all other plants aquarium plants do need some tender loving care, it might actually be more practical to go this route for example if you cannot keep an actual bonsai.