Bonsai plant food/fertilizer

In order to get all its nutritional requirement for healthy growth, fertilizer should be added to a tree regularly. The first time I purchased fertilizer,I was so confused about what to get. There was such a huge selection on the market. I had questions like should I get one for bonsai plants specifically, what to look out for. Although these are  some questions that anyone getting plant food for the first time will have, I have since found, and I am sure  the same will happen to anyone who is confused that the whole process does not have to be so complicated or even that expensive.

Below are some tips that might help.

Where to buy fertilizer

If it is your very first time, then I would recommend buying it from a garden center or any place where there is someone you can talk to and get valuable advice. I have also found that clubs are another place where you can get lots of information from more experienced growers. When at the store or garden center,You should be on the look though because some over zealous store workers might try to push you to buy particular brands that might be above your budget. Through research I have discovered that it is not necessary to buy fertilizer made specifically for bonsai.

Whether you decide to get yours in store or online. Please remember these two points;

  1. The most important thing to look out for when getting your fertilizer is the balance of these three nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, a combination of which will provide your plant the nutrients it needs. A combination of these three will help with the growth of leaves, roots, flowers and fruit production.
  2. Ratio: These nutrients should be in an equal ration. So for example your packaging could say 10:10:10 or 20:20:20

When and how to apply your fertilizer

Outdoor trees should be fertilized during the growing season while indoor plants can be fertilized throughout the year.

How you apply the fertilizer will depend on the type you get. Instructions on how to use will be on the packaging but generally;

Liquid fertilizers the majority of which are concentrated should be diluted and then added to the soil while solid fertilizers are planted to the top surface of the soil.

Here is a helpful video I found on youtube on the topic