Tools For Bonsai Beginners

Having the right Bonsai tools are an important part of taking care of a tree. Not only because they will help to keep the tree looking neat and healthy, they also prevent causing damage to the tree when carrying out maintenance work.
As a beginner it is possible to get overwhelmed by all the different types of tools available. In an effort to keep things as simple as possible, you could get only the necessary tools as you start. These will allow you to carry out all the necessary activities you will be performing in the beginning including pruning, carrying out any grooming work and re potting. In fact you might not even need re potting tools for some time since most trees will not need to be repotted for some time after purchase.


Are used for trimming leaves to encourage them to grow smaller and trimming or removing small branches. You can get these in different shapes and sizes with the smaller ones being more suited for smaller trees and the same for the larger ones.

Concave cutters

Get their name from the fact that they have a concave shape which allow for branches to be cut off the trunk of the tree without damaging or leaving a scar on which look out of place in the general aesthetics of the tree.

Wire cutters

Wiring is a technique used to manipulate trees into particular shapes using soft wire. The wiring is usually left on the tree for some time and a wire cutter is used to remove them seamlessly off the tree without damaging.
High quality vs cheaper tools
Like most hobbies, it is possible to find tools to suit all types of budgets. Japanese brands like Koyo have a reputation of being high quality. Although having the best quality tools does make your work easier and they last for a long time, they are not necessary for a novice experimenting with their first tree.