Artificial Bonsai Tree

One way of enjoying indoor trees without having to commit so much time to their care and maintenance is to get an  imitation one. I have to admit that it took me awhile to buy into the idea of having a fake tree. The first one that I got was actually a present for my neighbor’s mother. During her last visit, she came over for a cup of tea and greatly admired my trees. As we sipped one cup of tea after another, and tucked into banana bread that I had made the day before, we spent a lot of time talking about gardening and plants in general.

When she left, I decided to take a chance and buy her one as a birthday present. Since she is quite elderly and does not move a lot,I knew that she might not have the energy or inclination to take care of a real tree. That’s how the idea of getting a fake one came about. I have to admit I was skeptical about the quality and durability of the ones on the market but was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it when it finally arrived. It was made of good material and the finishing meant that from a distance you could think it was a real tree. Getting one of these might be a great solution for anyone who cannot or is simply not ready to commit to the maintenance required with a real one.

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Varieties and styles of Faux Bonsai trees

They can be made with different types of material including clay, silk and wire. It is also possible to get different sizes including larger or mini trees. Since the majority of them are assembled by the manufacturer, all you have to do is find the right spot to display your new purchase in your home, office or other premise.

Preserved trees are also gaining popularity. The difference between these and others that are not real is that these are actual trees that have been treated and preserved. However, it should be noted that sometimes during this process, only the foliage is preserved and the trunk is made from driftwood. Wire sculptures on the other hand are created using bendable wire that is manipulated into the shape of these miniature trees.

Reviews of top fake Bonsai Trees.

I carried a lot of research including tips on how to choose, care and maintenance before making my purchase. I hope the notes below will be of great help to you too. To start off is a section of reviews of some popular trees including my favorite one.

Cherry Blossom Tree

cherryblossomThe lady I wanted to gee the gift for spent some time in Japan as a child so I knew that it would have an even more special meaning to her. Another reason is that Cherry blossoms have always been one of my favorite flowers and they are one of the reasons that I love spring so much so much that one  of the items on my to do list is to attend the blossom festival in Washington DC. When I saw this ,I realized that it is one sure way to enjoy these blossoms all year round. The petals are a soft pinkish color which will appeal to anyone who does not like shouting colors, prefers a minimalist style or does not want a flowering tree that will clash with their other plants.

It comes to about 15 inches therefore it is not too large or small. The decorative pot that is comes in is of a low style and made of plastic.


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Cedar Bonsai Silk plant

cedar silk tree

 This is made out of a plastic material. I must say though that this should not in anyway discourage you because the attention to detail makes it definitely  stand out.At 24 inches tall, it is slightly larger than the cherry blossom one above but not too big that it would look out of place in a tiny space.

It is housed in a low pot made of plastic which means that some of the roots are exposed. I think this adds to its charm as it contrasts the fine foliage with the more rustic looking roots. Although it is a beauty to look at, if you decide to purchase it , some people noticed a strong smell of plastic when unpacked possibly due to the material it was made of. But you can get rid of this by airing it.

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Double Trunk-Preserved Preserved trees

You might be wondering the difference between preserved and other artificial trees. I was not too sure myself until I started looking online for tips on how to choose the perfect fake tree.
preserved treePreserved trees are real trees with real foliage and trunk that has been treated in a way that makes it retain a more realistic appearance and texture. So although technically it is a faux plant, depending on how much effort was put into making it,it can look almost real.

This particular tree is of a small size between 12 and 15 inches.  I loved the pot it comes in. A nice ceramic glazed pot in the color black.

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Real vs Fake Bonsai trees: Benefits of choosing a fake one

The very first time I told my daughter I was going to get one of these, she asked me why anyone would choose one  over  a live tree. And she did put a strong case ( that is, until I told her I was going to gift it away. I must also add that since then, she has also bought one for her dormitory) but there are so many reasons why one would go for these.

  • Low maintenance and care: in my case, I was getting it for someone who does not have the time or the energy to take care of a live plant so this was the perfect solution
  • Connected to the point above is the fact that you do not need to worry about maintenance and requirements like lighting ,fertilizer, watering etc. therefore they can be placed anywhere even dark rooms/ spaces that do not get a lot of sunlight.
  • Can fit any space. Since they come in different shapes, styles and sizes, it is easy to get one that will look good in any space. If you are low on space then you could get one of the smaller ones and if this is not a problem for you, then you could get a large artificial tree
  • Unique décor: it can be a great talking point for any space since there are not that common, get used to friends and family asking you were you got yours.
  • They can also work in situations where you will not be available in the premises all the time for example shops, offices and other business premises that are locked at the weekend, during holidays etc.

How to take care of your fake tree

One of advantages of having such a tree is that they require very  little by way of care and maintenance. For most of them regular dusting is all you need to do to keep them happy. It might also be a idea to keep them away from the elements like rain and strong sunlight as this might cause damage due to the material that was used to make them. It’s better to place it out of direct sunlight as the bright color of the foliage can fade with time.

Is it possible to put an artificial tree in a fish tank or aquarium

Although the thought of adding a real tree to a fish tank or aquarium might be a good one( how cute would one of these look under water), the problem is that they are not aquatic by nature and will not survive under water.  I decided to go ahead and do some research on this anyway and thanks to all the information online, I came across some ingenious ways people have come up with to over come this little problem.

  • one way is to use driftwood to create the trunk of the tree and then anchor  moss or any other type of water plant to the trunk(that cannot be eaten by fish if the tree is to go into a fish tank) to create the foliage
  • Another option is to use artificial plant decorations

Here is a video that might give you an idea of what I am talking about  but even more complex.

How to make artificial trees at home

If like myself you are into crafting and DIY  then this might be something that will interest you.Although I have not made a go at this myself, I was looking online and came across ways in which you can make a tree at home. It actually seems quite simple to do and the best part is that it is cheap. One of the easiest and least expensive is to use polymer clay. One of the instructions on how to use this is by an artist called Jake Folger. His tree is very natural looking and I like he made it to appear to have some movement to it by leaning it slightly to one side instead of standing straight up.

Below is a video showing how he went about it from start to finish. Not a bad way to pass the time. I actually think it would make a good present too.